Full-time/Long-term Interpreting Services

ICT provides full-time/long-term Japanese and English interpreting services. If your company is in need of an interpreter for a substantial amount of time, ICT will source and relocate an interpreter to your area to work at your facility as long as needed. ICT allows its custom to select the interpreter that best fits their company’s needs.

When using our long-term interpreting services, ICT will relieve you from hiring and payroll responsibilities, which include: all state and federal taxes, insurance, benefits, workman’s compensation, social security, Medicare, and many other liabilities.  In addition, if you are not pleased with ICT’s dispatched interpreter, we will replace him or her as quickly as possible.

Short-Term Interpreting Services

ICT offers on-site general and technical Japanese and English interpreting services. ICT has a network of readily-available professional interpreters throughout the country. If your company is in need of an interpreter for a day-to-day or short-term assignment, ICT can quickly and conveniently dispatch one of these professionals to your facility.

Technical Interpretation Services

In today’s global workplace, the ability to communicate with foreign counterparts has become a very crucial part of daily business interactions. ICT offers professional interpreting services to facilitate your company’s needs for international communication.