Area Of Expertise

ICT’s Japanese to English and English to Japanese translation support services includes:

  • Electrical, mechanical and maintenance manuals
  • Information technology system’s documents and manuals
  • Marketing and promotion materials
  • Customer and vendor correspondence
  • Accounting statements and reports
  • Patents and legal documents

Through our wide range of translation services, we can help bridge the communication gap.

With today’s networking technology, ICT has been able to gather a team of Japanese and English speaking professionals to translate almost any imaginable field of technology.  Moreover, ICT can maximize the accuracy and quality of each translation and shorten the work time needed to translate these various documents through our vast network of professional translators.  This networking system enables ICT to provide its customers with accurate, quality, and quick translations at a competitive price.


Quality Assurance

ICT ensures their customers with quality work. We have taken considerable time in reviewing each translator’s qualifications, translation capabilities, and field of expertise. This process enables ICT to provide its customers with the right person for the right job.

On-Site Translation

ICT also provides on-site translation/interpreting services. If you prefer to have a translator on-site, ICT will source and dispatch one to your facility that meets your job specifications.

It is our commitment to our customers to provide them with the highest quality and quickest translation possible. We are confident in our capabilities.